Jones Gap Hike

Getting up a little bit earlier than normal to explore the outdoors? Always worth it.

A fellow West Coast transplant John Weirick and I meandered through Jones Gap State Park in search of waterfalls.













Photos by Evan | Words by Evan

London | 1 Year

After years of Evan Skyping Adam with questions about filmmaking and life, we met the Krings last June when we visited NewSpring for the first time. Allison was pregnant with London. We ate barbecue at Smokin’ Pig.

Now London is one! Allison is pregnant with baby #2. After photos, we ate barbecue at Smokin’ Pig.

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Johnathan & Kami | Married

Drove to Myrtle Beach and had the best time celebrating Johnathan & Kami. Before the ceremony, Kami looked up to black clouds and said, “I hope it pours. I’ve always dreamed of walking back down the aisle and getting soaked.”

Their friends were a party everywhere we went. We danced in extreme humidity. And by the end of the night, Kami got her rainstorm.

Cheers to the generous, low-key, passionate, beautiful people that are the Fosters.

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Jon & Kristelle | Married

French people are AWESOME.

They’re the “Let’s eat some fromage, speak with an accent, kiss-you-on-the-cheek kind of people.”

Jon and Kristelle got married in her parent’s living room. Informal and intimate.

We were really hoping they’d adopt us. I almost smuggled the grandma into our car—she was so European and cute.

Since their wedding, Jon & Kristelle bought a house and we’re about to be neighbors! Kristelle interns on our design team so we’re neighbors at work, too. We’re big fans of the Hortons.

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