Michael & Hayden | Engaged


These two made Carolina winter look like California summer.

Hayden’s dress. And fur. I can’t even. Also—Michael’s hair. And suit. Well done, sir.

Style aside, we love their generous hearts and zest for life. Michael and Hayden are all around a class act.

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Scooter & Bethany | Engaged

A few weeks ago we piled in the car and took off for Rainbow Falls with Scooter & Bethany! Unfortunately, we never did make it to the waterfall—it was a longer trek than we thought! (There will be a redemption hike after the wedding).

Scooter & Bethany are the adventurous, fun-loving, roll with the punches kind of people. The appreciate-the-little-things, have traditions, make memories kind of people. Easy to love and refreshing to be around.

Can’t wait for them to marry in March!

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Jacob & Sydney | Engaged

I’ve spent 45 minutes trying to put to words how wonderful Jacob & Sydney are so I give up.

They’re just freaking wonderful. If you know them, you get it.

We spent an entire Saturday with Team Boyles and it was a party.

These North Carolina natives are generous, FULL of life, really tall, (we bought a stool) and totally right for each other.

Can’t wait for #BoylesBalooza


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Chicago & Oregon

This last Fall I took a trip assisting Chris Isham with a portrait shoot on the Oregon Coast.

He’s a fantastic photographer and a great friend.

We had some crazy flights over a whirlwind weekend but we were still able to see Chicago on a 12-hour layover, sip on some Stumptown Coffee in Portland, stand beneath Multnomah Falls and end with an incredible beach portrait shoot.

Let’s do it again, Chris!


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Words by Evan | Photos by Evan

Jacob & Hannah | Engaged

Dear Jacob,

You’re marrying one of my favorite girls in the world. You have my permission to move her to another country, but pretty please let’s all live in the same place someday so we can work together again.

Hannah interned with me at Woods for the better half of my time there. She moved to California the same summer Evan and I moved to South Carolina. This was the first time we’ve seen each other since! Makes my heart joyful to see how awesome of a designer she’s becoming, and now marry the man of her dreams.

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Katherine | Bridal

Woke up on November 1 in Clinton to snow and no power!

Katherine wanted some belated bridal portraits so despite the weather we dressed her up, bundled her up, and headed out into an autumn wonderland.

Katherine was incredible. We were all cold, but she was freezing. Daniel cheered her on, while her dad waited just out of frame with a Carhartt coat and Mama Pam was on standby with a golf umbrella.

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Katherine Bridal 2014-13

Snow turned to rain, calling for hair & makeup round two at Katherine’s brother’s house. From there we headed to the church she grew up in…PRAISE JESUS FOR HEAT.

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Daniel & Katherine | Portraits

These friends!

They were there to unload the truck when we moved into our first apartment. We joined a small group with them and they introduced us to tailgate parties—specifically beanie weenies and Crock Pot queso. (Y’all got NOTHING on Katherine’s tailgate food). They patiently answered every question EVER about football. Go Tigers.

Over Halloween weekend we stayed with Katherine’s family in Clinton, the town she grew up in and adores. It reminded us of Lynden and we loved every minute.